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Have you ever heard of “Flames in Heaven”? Control and Vision of Super worked together to unite their essences, ending up with a hot customization of two iconic products from Control range: liquid gel and condoms covered with Vision of Super recognizable flames.

In case of fire use Control x Vision of Super

Control Flames in Heaven - Massage gel moisturizing and lubricating with spicy florale aromas, 200 ml

Spice up the atmosphere and experience a massage heavenly with the hydrating and lubricating gel Control Flames in Heaven.

With the spicy heaven hydrating and lubricating massage gel you will reach a heavenly dimension of pure and spicy relaxation. Pour it gently on your body, let the spicy and floral scents ignite your senses and abandon yourself to an extrasensory massage. With its soft and silky texture, water-based hydrating formula and 98.5% natural ingredients, Flames in Heaven can be ingested in small quantities and is compatible with condoms and silicone sex toys. Feel heaven on your skin with Flames in Heaven massage gel.

• Feel heaven on your skin with the massage gel Flames in Heaven.
• 200 ml package with massaging cap
• Moisturizing effect
• Water based, hypoallergenic, sugar free, without parabens
• 98.5% natural ingredients
• Made in Italy

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