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Have you ever heard of “Flames in Heaven”? Control and Vision of Super worked together to unite their essences, ending up with a hot customization of two iconic products from Control range: liquid gel and condoms covered with Vision of Super recognizable flames.

In case of fire use Control x Vision of Super

Control NATURE ergonomic natural latex condoms - 6 pieces.

Natural rubber latex condoms with Adapta anatomical shape, for naturally pleasant intercourse.

Control Nature condoms are the ideal choice for those who want to experience pleasure in complete safety, but without giving up spontaneity and naturalness. Transparent in color and with a smooth surface, they guarantee a perfect fit and maximum comfort thanks to the exclusive Anatomic Adapta shape. Compatible with the use of water-based gels and lubricants, they are a precious ally for naturally pleasant intercourse.

• Pack of 6 pieces
• In natural latex
• Adaptive Anatomical Shape
• Smooth texture
• Standard silicone-based lubrication